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Melanie O’Brien

Melanie O’Brien joined ADM Investor Services in 1984 as a keypuncher and phone clerk on the CBOT trading floor. In 1998 she transitioned to the office where she created and managed ADMIS’ first Tech Support and Electronic Trading Support Desk .  In 2008, Melanie joined the Sales & Marketing department where she focused on developing and onboarding new business, and worked closely with ADMIS Introducing Brokers to ensure their success.  In November 2021, Melanie was promoted to Director of IB and Customer Relations.

With her extensive background in the futures industry, in March of 2022, Melanie assumed the additional role of  Vice President of Archer Financial Services.  In this capacity she oversees all aspects of AFS operations including its Trade Desk and its team of brokers located both in the main office and throughout a network of branch offices.

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