24 Hour Trading

AFS provides extensive clearing and execution services and support to our Retail, Commercial, Institutional and CTA customers across the United States and around the globe. Clients choose from a diverse offering of trading platforms connected to all U.S. and most international exchanges as well as EFP markets.

Clients have 24 hour access to global markets through an array of sophisticated trading platforms, each of which can be tailored to their specific trading styles. Our trading platforms provide many other features including depth of market, real-time quotes, charting capabilities, and marked-to-market account information. 

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Our team is fully qualified to assist you in managing the risks inherent to your business. They will tailor their services to meet your individual needs. Our specialists will help you review your individual marketing plans and provide sound recommendations that can help you enhance cash marketing decisions, control input costs and protect inventory values.

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Market Research

Our parent company, ADM Investor Services, provides in-depth analysis of all actively traded futures markets for worldwide customers. The ADMIS research department employs some of the most respected and well-known professionals in our industry who create exclusive written, audio and video market commentary throughout each trading day. 

Additionally, our AFS brokers also share some of their market commentary on the AFS Blog

AFS provides extensive execution services to our customers across global markets. Customers and brokers can choose from a diverse offering of trading platforms connected to all U.S. and most international exchanges. Click here for the extensive list of exchanges.


24 Hour Voice Execution

Archer Financial Services employs a highly experienced trade desk for execution and order management. The desk also provides extensive support to brokers and electronic traders.


Managed Futures

Archer Financial Services offers a complete range of services to individual and institutional investors seeking the sophisticated methods of portfolio diversification available through Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs). We offer multi-lateral execution and clearing services to Commodity Trading Advisors and the investors allocating to these strategies. Our company works with a broad portfolio of CTAs across all major futures exchanges which helps investors meet new managers early while simultaneously helping more established managers raise assets through our diverse network of strategic investor relationships.

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