At BQC, a division of AFS, we immerse ourselves every day in grain markets and data. This makes all the difference for our clients because they are freed up to focus on the fields.


Who We Are

Since 1982, BQC (previously Benson-Quinn Commodities, Inc.), a division of AFS, has made it our mission to help our customers thrive in today’s ag world with intelligent market strategy.

What We Do

We provide access to futures and options markets to help our clients manage and mitigate risks primarily in markets associated with corn, wheat and soybeans.

Meet Our Team

We understand agribusiness isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life. Each of our team members has experience both in the fields and on the exchange.

Contact Us

Whether you are a current client or you’re looking for a team that knows how to navigate the markets with data-driven perception, we’re here to help.

Market Research

BQC offers clients free, daily in-house research as well as access to market research from top consultants in the futures industry via ADMIS. Our in-house team of market experts provides fundamental and analytic insight into stories affecting the ag markets from a national perspective. But we also focus on regional issues that drive our customers’ daily decisions.

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