Managed Futures Services

Archer Financial Services is committed to helping investors achieve portfolio diversification by providing research and analysis tools on strategic investments, including asset allocation, balancing and optimization strategies.

Managed futures can be a valuable tool adding to the diversification of your portfolio. They have the potential to reduce volatility and achieve potentially higher overall performance than traditional investment portfolios.

What are the benefits of managed futures?
  • Possible ability to enhance return on investment
  • Performance is not necessarily dependent on economic conditions
  • Helps diversify existing portfolio
  • Opportunity for better risk management
  • Broad diversification within the investment
  • No daily management
  • Liquidity

Managed futures can be a valuable part of an overall asset allocation plan; its purpose is to add portfolio diversification, potentially reduce overall portfolio volatility and potentially achieve higher overall portfolio performance over time when compared to traditional investment portfolios alone.

Interested in Managed Futures and have less than $250k to invest? 
Contact Melanie O'Brien
Phone: 312-242-7318 or 1.877-690-7303

If you are interested in investing over $250k:

Balarie Capital Management ("BCM") is for you.  Please visit BCM at BCM is a division of AFS and specializes in assisting institutional and high-net worth investors who are interested in investing in managed futures. Their consultative approach, independent research and analysis, and access to over 400 Commodity Trading Advisors, allows them to create custom managed futures portfolios that meet your specific investment needs.