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Daily Technical Trading Cards  Jan 22  
by Steve Platt & Mike McElroy - Check out today’s support and resistance, moving averages and other pertinent numbers for the energies complexes featuring crude oil, natural gas and heating oil.
Energies Brief ​   Jan 22
by Steve Platt & Mike McElroy 
-​  The petroleum complex came under pressure as the market refocused on supply/demand forecasts from the IEA suggesting that the market will be in surplus by as much as 1 mb/d in 2020.

Weekly Department of Energy Report  Jan 15

by Steve Platt & Mike McElroy - This weekly Department of Energy brief features Crude Oil, Heating Oil and Gasoline tables on stocks, imports, demands and much more.

Weekly Natural Gas Report ​   Jan16

by Steve Platt & Mike McElroy - See what this week’s stats are for Natural Gas futures as reported by the Energy Information Agency.​ 


Morning Livestock Report   Jan 16
by Dennis Smith -  US Pork Exports Starting to Accelerate
Morning Livestock Report   Jan 14
by Dennis Smith 
Reuters reports huge Chinese pork imports again in December. 


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Daily Financials Forecast   Jan 21
by Alan Bush - President Trump in Davos

Daily Financial Forecast    Jan 22
by Alan Bush -  Stock Index futures likely to trade higher. 


USDA SUPPLY/DEMAND REPORT (released ​January 10)
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USDA SUPPLY/DEMAND REPORT (released ​December 10)
December 10 USDA Report
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USDA SUPPLY/DEMAND REPORT (released ​November 8)
November 2019 USDA
USDA November 2019